We unite the worlds greatest minds & brands from the Health, Fitness, Biohacking, Medical & Nutritional fields

so that you can learn to optimise your health

14th & 15th September 2019

What is Health Optimisation? Why now?

Imagine a summit that combines the best from all the key diets, and everything in the Health, Wellbeing, Medical, Nutrition, Biohacking and Fitness worlds, and has the view not to push one mindset, but rather to incorporate all of these with the sole goal of making people healthier - using whichever mindset/camp or 'diet' is best for the individual.

HO is about the best technologies, products, speakers, spreading knowledge, and most importantly, about networking to help expand the Health Optimisation (and Biohacking) community/movement much further than just Biohacking or any other of these mindsets can on their own...

Imagine how powerful connecting the smartest minds in each of these worlds could be - and how many people could live healthier, happier lives as a result. This is our shared goal. Not sickness care, but optimised health using all the best knowledge, data and people in this space, globally. Starting with London 2019.

Some of our speakers

Dr Scott Sherr, MD, HOMe, HBOT
Metabolomics, Hyperbaric

Harry Adelson, N.D
Stem Cell Therapy

Amy Killen, MD
Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

Dr Andrew Hill
Cognitive Neuro Scientist, Neurofeedback

"Health Optimisation encompasses the full spectrum of our health. I love that the Health Optimisation guys are bringing together the disjointed fields of health, wellness and medicine. It's the future of health focussed care."
Dr Scott Sherr, MD, HOMe, HBOT


Summit Information

The Health Optimisation Summit is a comprehensive 2 day event (Saturday - Sunday) with the best speakers in the health industry, hand selected quality exhibitors, and value packed break-out sessions.

They'll be on, and off-site workshops, and, most importantly, plenty of opportunities for connecting with like-minded, forward thinking individuals from health, fitness, wellness and medical spaces that haven't collaborated closely like this before.

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